Vehicle & Temperature Tracking

1NE Logistics are highly experienced in the handling and transportation of valuable pharmaceutical consignments and perishable goods. Fully understanding the needs and responsibilities of its customers and the risk to patients if medicinal products are not controlled throughout the complete distribution process.

Key customer accounts using dedicated vehicles have 24/7 web based access to both live and historical vehicle journey and temperature information. Verification of temperature and vehicle location information is therefore available at the click of a mouse. This reduces unnecessary administration and delays for customers no longer having to expedite and then wait for this essential quality related information to be provided.

Using both static and mobile refrigeration solutions all vehicles in the fleet are fitted with the latest GPS vehicle tracking and temperature monitoring systems. All vehicles are also fitted with back-up temperature monitoring systems in case of failure to the primary system.

Our vehicles are also fitted with multiple temperature probes ensuring accurate temperature mapping. In partnership with our system providers we have configured our vehicles to transport different categories of product simultaneously i.e. Chilled / Frozen and Ambient. Additional investment in robust secure self contained refrigeration units allows 1NE Logistics to offer this cost effective and totally flexible solution to it's customers.

As part of our environmental responsibilities and continued investment we also use electrically powered battery cell technology to power our refrigeration units. This cost effective solution is also environmentally friendly by reducing fuel consumption thus reducing our impact on climate change.

Want to know more about our tracking technology and temperature monitoring systems then just click here to contact us and one of our team will be happy to explain more.

Vehicle & Temperature Tracking

24/7 access to our vehicle and temperature tracking system